One Day Program

The one day course is usually scheduled on a Saturday, but participants may elect to take the curriculum on Friday for the one Day Course (less lectures and about 4 live patient demonstrations). The course is limited to 4 participants and is an intensive day of one on one training and endodontic tips and tricks for improving your skills to a higher level.

The Live patient demonstrations (one or two different teeth/patients) is broadcast direct into the conference room (where the participants sit comfortably in front of large screen Plasma TV with a split screen function, watching both the big picture view of the operation (Dr. Nasseh and his surgical assistant’s interactions) as well as the HD quality view through the microscope (Dr. Nasseh’s view). Live Teleconferencing audio feedback to the room allows for live question and answer and step by step explanation of the decision making process and its rational throughout the procedure. The entire procedure from Anesthesia to the placement of the final provisional filling is explained and demonstrated.

The fee for one day course is $1500 per doctor. This includes follow up with questions after the course as well as reading materials. A list of all instruments used and Dr. Nasseh’s exact set up is also shared. For any specific questions or comments or to inquire about the fees please contact us at or call MicroSurgical Endodontics (617) 236-7818.

The One Day Program

Breakfast, registration, and introductions.

World Class Endodontics (introduction and overview of the course, objectives and goals in adding endo to your practice repertoire of services)

Diagnosis / Anesthesia Techniques, and the role/techniques of irrigation.

Instrumentation and Obturation Techniques

LUNCH with Dr. Nasseh (Included)

Live Patient procedure (Molar)

Live Patient

Recap and Review of Techniques. Additional tips for case management and flow during the procedure.

Hands On with Extracted teeth.

Course Ends